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A Norfolk Odyssey or the Beast of the East II
Being the second part of the Roland trilogy 

Tall tales and dubious yarns collected from Norfolk by
Eve Stebbing. The pictures for A Norfolk Oddy-See or the
Beast of the East II
are by Cate Agnew.

Eve Stebbing says:

"The stories that make up this heroic odyssey have been collected from real people. Sometimes, when I am using their words to create an epic yarn, it feels like I am making a jigsaw to piece back the face of the region. This book is intended to be a gentle kind of puzzle. Rowland is lost, and I hope that you will catch his sense of searching."

You can get a taste of the first part here, and a sample of the second book too. Published by Spin-Off Books. If you want to get hold of your own copy of the book, please contact us.


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