The Beast of the East: Norfolk's answer to Ulysses
Being the first part of the Roland trilogy
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Tall tales and dubious yarns collected from Norfolk by Eve Stebbing. Illustrated by A. Base.

Norfolk has some of the best stories in the world, and one of the best story-telling traditions, known as "mardling". This book - the first of three installments - is a small celebration of the Norfolk tale. It is based on yarns that Eve picked up round Norfolk villages whilst collecting stories for Spin Off, funded by Norfolk PACT. Although the places are real, the figures and events described are mardled!

The Beast of the East is also available as a CD. Please contact us for details. You can try a taste of the book here first!

As part of Norfolk Non-Stop, April 2nd, 2009, saw the launch in Norwich of The Beast of the East II: A Norfolk Odyssey. A fast moving mini epic to follow The Beast of the East I. Norfolk's answer to Ulysses.

'The Beast of the East'