Fish Tank Think Tank
An installation, education pack, and workshop
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Fish Tank Think Tank

Mia is a piscatorial evolutionist. She is working on the way species evolve as the oceans become more polluted.

Her boyfriend, Keith, works in a Think Tank, advising on climate change. Keith is very bright. He and his team have made a model that is perfect. He is just convinced that if you play by the rules, you can't go wrong.

But Mia thinks Keith is like their goldfish, who, perhaps in unconscious recognition, he has named after himself. She says it's significant that both of them do their nine to five in a tank. His fish thinks short term. So does Keith. His fish lives in a simulated climate and Keith is the same: he doesn't just make models of made up environments, he's turned their house into one and OH MY GOD! - it's starting to affect their relationship as well: he's developing less empathy than the average cod.

Then one day, Keith starts to grow gills and tries to dive down the plughole. Mia decides things have gone far enough. It's time for a trip to the seaside.

A surreal play for anyone who longs to go wild!

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