My Horse, My Wife and Myself
Inspired by the work of Alfred Munnings
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you ever found yourself gazing up at a painting and wondering what stories lie behind it? Who the people are... what brought them together? Then Spin Off's show My Horse, My Wife and Myself is a must for you!

My Horse, My Wife and Myself

Inspired by the work of local artist A J Munnings, the play brings a painting to life, taking audiences inside the picture frame to follow the moving and comical story of a Music Hall walk-on, a Tic-Tac man and a Race Horse. It is a tale of escape and chance which begins in a field in the middle of East Anglia in the middle of the night, and ends at the finishing line of the racecourse in Bungay.

The story unfolds in 1912 and is an atmospheric and nostalgic look at the past of a place, and a people, which will keep you spell-bound and have you on the edge of your seat cheering by the end. You'll never be able to look a portrait in the eye again!

Some comments from audiences

"I enjoyed it as much as my 40 year old son enjoyed it, and his ten year old son enjoyed it as much as all of us!" - Layer Marney Tower

"I hadn't thought about the Bungay races for years, but the play reminded me of an old eccentric, who used to ride the race each year on his horse 'Lady Tarzan'. Everyone used to cheer when they saw him, because they knew it would take him several hours to complete the race, but he took such pleasure in the pure fact of having stayed on the horse" - Walpole Arms, Itteringham, Norfolk.

"Very original and well acted... Great enthusiasm!" - Southwold Little Theatre

"Superb performance!" - Southwold Little Theatre


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A copy of the script by Eve Stebbing is now held in the Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool.

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