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Kaja and Paul (Mardling the Bard)

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August 22nd, 2009: Well hello from Edinburgh! I've just found the Fringe performers' cafe - after a week of being here(!) and so thought you would all like to hear that Bernard the Ferret has been doing well in Scotland. It's been a full on Fringe, with two shows a day this year (nobody MAKES me do it, of course, it's all my own fault) - but we got some notice (and bookings) from promoters for the Madeleine Carroll show: the one about Hitchcock's first Hollywood blonde. Dogberry's retelling of Much Ado About Nothing has been well received, too - although not set to tour as yet...

This year I have met Frank Skinner (very nice) Ronnie Corbett (ditto) and had a cup of coffee with a cigar smoking Clive James, who is a big fan of Dogberry, and thinks I should read more Montaigne.

I've plenty of other stories: about the historic stepladder used in the Dogberry show; the Edinburgh traffic wardens who tried to kidnap Karen in her Madeleine outfit... the Japanese Shakespeare enthusiasts who became my fan club...

Oh yes. It's all gone on.

Today am trying to fit in six shows - two down, four to go.

ttfn Eve

August 20th, 2009: We are urgently looking for a wooden stepladder! If you can lend us one, please contact Eve on 01603 663 676 info@spinofftheatre.co.uk

July 11th, 2007: We have been forced to cancel the summer show due to lack of funding, but have replaced it with a film short, which you will be able to see all around the Broads in pubs, supermarkets, tea rooms and some of our usual venues all this summer. We are really sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but hope that you will enjoy seeing the film as you travel around. Happy holidays!

August 21st, 2007. Edinburgh review for Mardling the Bard: "This was a cheeky show, of course, that cleverly retained the freshness of improvisation while in fact professionally developed and presented. Though mardled, Shakespeare was not mangled. He could still make his point, while some of his finest lyrics, though sung only in snatches, survived to work their true magic." - Chritopher Smith, Eastern Daily Press.

April 5th, 2007: The BBC website has done a feature on Norfolk Non-Stop.

March 2007: And now we've set up this special blog to mark our ten year anniversary. It would be great if you could leave us your memories of Spin-Off to mark a decade of Norfolk Squit!

September 2006: The Local Heritage Initiative is supporting Snapped!

If you're looking for our latest tour dates, they're on the Programme page.

Photo: Kaja and Paul, Mardling the Bard, Norwich Cathedral Close, 2001.