No Footlights, No Stage
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No Footlights, No Stage

In 1999, Spin Off Theatre Company began organising "story-telling marathons" in a year-long festival called No Footlights, No Stage. These epic story-telling events will take place in public houses and in meeting places, where local people can come for a "mardle".

Spin Off's story-telling project continues, with the chance to see the company in pubs all over Norfolk. Each performance is tailor made for the place it is performed with the company researching stories and myths of each venue and its "regulars".

The company has named the evenings Mardling Nights after the Norfolk story telling tradition. The artistic director, Eve Stebbing, stresses that this is not only because Spin Off is collecting and recreating stories of the past, but also because Mardling is an art form which is special to Norfolk and needs to be in current use: "This is not just about tales of yore, but about all the stories and myths that are to come. Mardling is not just a thing of the past, anyone can do it and we're giving them the chance to have a go."

The final aim of the performances is to collect enough stories to make a new full length play for the Millennium.

Paul (No Footlights, No Stage)

Above: Paul with piano accordian. Photo: Andrew Bailey

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