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Spin Off Theatre
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Productions... old and new.     

Naturally, being a Norfolk theatre company, we shun identification in the interest of 'dewing different'; but our work falls loosely under the following headings... Musical comedy/drama, mardling: (Norfolk's own story-telling style), and the Festival of Norfolk culture Norfolk-Non-Stop  - we now also run two sister companies: Play Off Productions!  And Rip Off Films.

To find out more look under Contents  to see all our archive shows.

Below, you can find an example of Eve's Writing.  This was a scratch performance as part of the Hostry Festival (see www.hostryfestival.co.uk).   This is just the first half, but you can find the second part on Utube.  If you like this, there's a similar radio play in the archive of Future Radio called Murder at Fakel Vicarage.  Eve wrote the play during a rainy holiday in Italy, tucked away in a back room away from the rest of the party.  It was first read during a Tuscan thunder storm... and as in the play, there was indeed trouble on the train as she came home: there were robbers in the carriage next to hers and a sniffer dog arrived in the middle of the night to check for smuggled drugs.  Naturally Eve's great love of dogs complicated the situation: as she nearly found herself arrested for fraternising with the yellow labrador who was 'on duty!' In the end, the most the dog found in her carriage was a nice French sausage.