The Festival of Norfolk Inspired Drama
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The Festival of Norfolk Inspired Drama, April 17-22, 2007.

Recipe: Pickled Herring

6 Herrings, pref soft roed
seasoned flour
olive oil


8 fl oz vinegar
4 fl oz water
4 tblspn olive oil
1 teaspn peppercorns and mustard seed
3 bay leaves
1 med onion, sliced


Remove heads and tails
Bone and clean
Set roes aside
Flour lightly
Brown in olive oil
Cool, arrange in dish
Fry roes and set on top of herring
Bring marinade to boil
Cool and then pour over fish and roes
Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours

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Norfolk County Council @ your service

Norfolk-Non-Stop is a festival to celebrate the drama of Norfolk culture on a local and national scale.

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