Siren Songs of Norfolk & Suffolk
With Norfolk's epic hero, Roland
01603 663 676

You might have thought that Odysseus's sense of direction was poor, but that was before you met his Norfolk counterpart: Roland. Spin-Off Theatre Company creates a Norfolk Odyssey, Siren Songs, out of tall tales picked up in the county's favourite watering holes and restaurants, which offers audiences an amusing and all embracing epic journey in the company of Roland, Margery and Ned.

Siren Songs incorporates story-telling and music, both comic and lyrical, gathering the threads of Roland and Margaret's yarn as temptation, delirium and a leaky rowing boat conspire to keep the star-crossed lovers apart!

"... full of energy and good timing and establishing a first-rate rapport with the audience from the very start" - David Green, East Anglian Daily Times.

The much awaited sequel to No Footlights, No Stage, Spin Off's 1999 tour, creates a Norfolk/Suffolk Odyssey from imaginative slops picked up in watering-holes and restaurants. A heady mix of comedy, music and story-telling written by Eve Stebbing, and performed by Paul Preston Mills.

April 8th, 7.30pm: New Cut Arts, Halesworth (Box Office: 0845 673 212).

And here's a song from the show.

'Danger: Keep Off Rocks' (Sea Palling beach)
Keep Off Rocks: Sea Palling beach. Photo: Eve Stebbing.

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