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Ma Storm: Beth Lewie
Old and Young Heronomous: Jonny McPherson
Millie and the Policeman: Sadie McMahon
Directed, Produced and Written by: Eve Stebbing

Sadie, Beth, and Jonny at Bungay Castle (Snapped!)

Snapped! is the first of three comedy dramas to raise the profile of Broads culture and stories. The tales woven into this new show were collected from real people all over the county and recorded for the Norfolk archive - so you, too, can listen to the stories I was told. People are often curious about the way a series of yarns, details, or little pieces of history can build a whole play. To make it all fit together is a tricky job. So I use the help of a traditional Norfolk storytelling technique called mardling. In mardling, small details from everyday life get scrambled up, scrutinised and re-imagined, to make an amusing and sometimes surreal or surprising new tale: often legendary in its proportions!

So if you took Snapped! and pulled it apart, you would find all kinds of real history and stories hidden in the script: Billy Nudd's rocking horse shoes, for instance, were really worn by poverty stricken Broads children, who used to rock backwards and forwards on old bits of tyre soldered to the bottom of their worn out shoes. Nudd's favourite sport: ferret racing, is also a local speciality, with the county boasting a real champion: Harry Sparkes, who told me all about his prowess over a pint or two at the Reedham Ferry Inn. The Tope fishing that Old Heronomous alludes to was a real draw to the 'Toffs' who used to flock up the river from Lowestoft to the Locks Inn at Geldeston in search of Norfolk's answer to the shark, with Lowestoft fishermen as their guides. And there are other, smaller details you might notice in the story: Oulton Broad, for instance, was known as Oulton Fen.

Norfolk and Suffolk culture is visual and dramatic. We hope that this new tale of legendary landlady Ma Storm does some justice to a unique culture that we are all proud to be part of.

Above: Snapped! at Bungay Castle. Photo: Jan Campbell.

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