Norfolk Wherries and New Orleans Jazz
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We find ourselves on a stretch of water known as "No man's friend", the year is 1820. A Wherry carrying contraband gin disappears, mysteriously, almost in front of our eyes. The year is 1880, a pleasureboat, safely moored, sinks overnight. The year is 1920, a fashionable boat party suddenly goes silent. What stories lie behind these mysterious occurrences, and whose is the hand that rocks the boat?

East Anglia's criminality, canniness, humour and imagination in an hour and a half of mad exploits and music, from Victorian to Jazz - the Twenties musical numbers were composed in 1998 by Fiona Mitchell and Eve Stebbing.

This comedy is an imaginative look at the smuggling, lunacy and downright piracy which took place aboard Norfolk's traditional wherry-boats.

In 1998, the show was performed at a variety of venues including The Pleasure Boat (Hicking) , Ranworth Broad (Staithe), Bungay Castle and Layer Marney Tower.

Undertow (Beth and Paul)

"The Norfolk Rivers, the Wherries that sailed them, the stories that grew up around them, and the singing of the water."

Above: Beth and Paul, Theatre in the Parks, 1999. Photo: Andrew Bailey.

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