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Workshop in Norfolk and Suffolk Storytelling

Dates for booking: Open.

Workshop Content

To work with Spin-Off's artistic director, Eve Stebbing, on the art of comic and persuasive storytelling techniques in the Norfolk and Suffolk tradition: otherwise known as 'mardling': or in other words: to tune up your 'Cor, Blust, Squit!'


Eve Stebbing has recently been working for the Creative Partnerships Scheme in Norfolk; before this, she was Director of the Youth Theatre at Shared Experience theatre company in London, where she remains Education Associate.

Curriculum relevance

  • Key Stage One:
    • Telling stories, real and imagined.
  • Key Stage Two:
    • Understanding the difference between standard English and dialect.
    • Gaining and maintaining the interest and response of different audience by exaggeration, humour pace and persuasive language.
  • Key Stage Three:
    • Anecdotes as a way of explaining ideas.
    • Gesture, tone, pace, rhetorical devices for emphasis.
    • Dialectical variation.


Lost in Translation is an 'Artist in Schools' project, made possible by a Local Heritage Initiative grant, which aims to raise awareness and understanding of the Norfolk Dialect

Spin-Off also offers workshops to adult education and special needs groups, do ring for more information.

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